Vicar’s wife adds Blues Brothers filter in Zoom blunder and he becomes viral hero

A vicar who opened a live-streamed service looking like a Blues Brother after a Zoom blunder has become an unlikely viral hero.

Rev Vaughan Roberts, 62, appeared before his congregation wearing a black fedora and dark sunglasses, looking just like Joliet Jake Blues from the 1980 film.

It starred John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as brothers on “a mission from God” to get their old band together to help save an orphanage.

Rev Roberts said his wife Mandy, 62, had inadvertently added a Blues Brothers filter while she was setting up his mobile phone for the service.

He said: “At least it wasn’t Rambo or the Godfather.

“I suppose it’s meant to be Joliet.

“I look a lot more like John Belushi than Elwood Blues.”

The mistake was made on Sunday as Rev Roberts prepared for a service at St Mary’s Church, in Warwick.

When the service began, Mandy whispered: “I don’t know what I’ve done but there’s a hat and glasses on your face and I don’t know how to turn it off.”

Rev Roberts said: “I decided not to come forward again and do the rest of the service from the bench.

“Thankfully, it was only on my face for a couple of minutes while I was doing the welcome.

“It wasn’t until I got home and photographs and videos were pinging around on social media that I realised it was a Blues Brothers filter.

“Unlike in the film, I did not go cartwheeling down the aisle.”

Even so, the footage has been viewed by thousands of people on social media.

Tom Caswell posted: “You should do this every week – Rev Roberts proving he is definitely a Soul Man right there.”

Ben Kingston added: “I was just waiting for him to start cartwheeling down the aisles with James Brown asking, ‘Can you see the light?’.”

Stephen Keen said: “This has truly brightened up my day.

“Funniest thing I have seen in a long time.”

Chris Edmonds commented: “We now have expectations for fancy dress attire in future services!”